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Once again, we surveyed 200 journalist to ask about their news release preferences and new media usage. (Click here to subscribe to our Powerlines for full results, coming soon). My favorite part of this annual tradition is reading all the great responses journalists give us to our open-ended question. This year, we simply asked what they wanted PR professionals to know about their news release preferences. Here are a few of our favorite responses…

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spectrum imageEstablishing your brand as a valuable resource is a must in today’s new media world. “Sell the sizzle not the steak” no longer works. Today, selling steak (or any other product or service) requires sharing grilling tips, recipe ideas and pairing guides with your target audiences.

The problem is, most of us aren’t in the content creation business—we sell widgets, provide services, and communicate our brand’s values and offerings. So how can we provide the kinds of relationship-building content that our audiences truly want (and new sales, marketing and PR channels require)?

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As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words and with the rapid growth of on-line news creation and consumption, journalists and bloggers are always on the lookout for easy to grab and use digital content. PWR recently surveyed 100 journalists and confirmed our suspicion—they really, really want images.

In fact, 75% specifically said that easy access to images and/or photos actually increases the chances that they’ll cover a story.

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If you’re a news junky and interested in the future of the media, check out this recent inaugural lecture by City University London’s Head of Journalism, Professor George Brock, Is News Over?. (The really good stuff starts around the 3 minute mark.) Enjoy!

In our recent survey, we asked journalists to “tell us about your news release preferences.” Here are there unedited responses….

Journalists shared useful information about how the media is evolving and how news releases fit into the picture:

Press releases must evolve to the new needs of media; some agencies are stuck in old models and do not understand what news outlooks are looking for. Look.. .we are a magazine, web site and community. How do your press releases impact those platforms is a question you must consider. Good luck

A variety of respondents praised email, citing the ability to archive, respond quickly, and get accessible content:

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We recently asked journalists, “What impact has New Media had on your work?” Here’s what they told us…

Many journalists told us that new media has enabled them to do their research quicker and more efficiently, giving them access to more material to work from. In addition, they are using new media outlets to publish traditional and multi-media features:

New Media has allowed for me to do my job easier, faster, and more efficiently. As everything continues to shift toward digital it is allowing for me to do my job better.

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Once again, we surveyed 200 journalists to learn about their news release preferences and new media usage. This year, participating journalists were from all media types with print most heavily represented: 49% from newspaper and 27% from magazines. Our journalists came from all beats and regions of the country.
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Episode One in the Adventures of NMR

Yes, this is a lot like this post from a few weeks ago but sometimes repackaging just works so enjoy!

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