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While whipping up a little party recently, I realized that delivering a good email campaign is a bit like throwing a great dinner party: You need to know your audience, design a great menu, use fresh ingredients and serve it all up with appealing plating for mouth-watering success. When you get it right, you can truly improve your relationships and wow your target audience. So I tossed together this little presentation to share my thoughts…

I work with a variety of clients on maximizing their digital efforts (you know, because that’s what I do). The importance of social media is, of course, key to any digital strategy; thus, I often get involved helping clients think about branding, staffing, goals, cross-pollinating their efforts, content generation and their general approach. Every time I talk to a client about social media I start out with a confession: I’m not really a social media guru.  It’s hard to say exactly what would qualify one as a real-deal genuine social media guru, but here are a few must-haves in my mind…

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Recently, we’re been working with numerous clients on creating Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages that are well organized, properly branded and loaded with appropriate content. Since many of these clients are just dipping a toe into social media for the first time, I wrote up a few brief suggestions to set them on the path wisely and some more specific intro tips for Twitter (since it requires a greater familiarity with specific etiquette).

First, your approach to all social media platforms should be grounded in, and reflective of, your established communications practices and beliefs. You’re not reinventing the wheel, simply using new tools to accomplish and promote long-held objectives. Read the rest of this entry »

The growth of new media is becoming old news. (Just to toss out one example, Twitter grew 1,382% in the past year!) But email is still the digital glue that holds it all together. Your inbox is where your RSS feeds show up, where DMs from your Twitter friends arrive, and the place most of us organize our lives. And, your email address is like an on-line fingerprint, the way you identify yourself in the digital world as you join new groups and sites or simply add your comments to various blogs. You can’t afford to ignore the email medium, but you should find ways to integrate your email efforts with other platforms. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started…

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With all the talk about Social Media Releases and Search Engine Optimization and blogger outreach and shrinking newsrooms, it sometimes seems like PR people are being pulled in too many directions and that press releases are less relevant.

release impactThe truth is, press releases are more effective than ever and, if done right, can deliver better pick-up with traditional media outlets, new media outlets and even get directly to consumers. But to make your press releases as effective as possible you need to keep the needs of these three audiences in mind. We have a little advice about how to optimize your next release for traditional press, blogs and social media sites, and consumers.

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I was chatting with a client as I sipped my morning coffee today when she asked: “do you have any idea what Twitter is Malayna?”  Since that marks the third time someone has asked me that exact same question in the past 10 days, I decided it was time to answer it. (I guess that goes to prove Twitter is making a pretty big PR splash of its own!)  So, here’s a little info that might be useful if you’re interested in learning about Social Media and, more specifically, how sites like Twitter are being used by other PR professionals.

First, you might want to check out this fun-filled social media tutorial. Apparently, social media sites are more popular than porn sites! So if you didn’t want to learn more already, you should now… Read the rest of this entry »

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